Strengthened by HER WORDS

Many times I’ve been given opportunities to talk to YOUNG People, mostly around My Age and Teenagers. I’d also had time to speak to Parents too. One common or most popular question I’ve always been asked as I often talk passionately is “Have YOU ever been DISCOURAGED or Do YOU get DISCOURAGED at any time?”…
… Always with a Smile, I tell them YES, I have. It is more interesting to me when I give this ANSWER especially to Parents. The Next QUESTION that always follows is “by WHO” and again I will smile more brighter than the first, and tell them “by My Mother, Yes, MY MOTHER”. At this Point, everyone gets to wear that WOW Look and then anticipate for the main story.

I was that YOUNG BOY with so much dreams and the Least I would ever expect was a YES from my Mother as she was my closest Pally but on that faithful day, she gave me a DISCOURAGING NO, that kind of answer that will make YOU wish YOU never asked or said a thing. I could have been cool with it if the discouraging answer came in a bit more politely but it was so BLUNT and MEAN for me…
… Guess what? That Discouragement which My Mother never knew about made me the person I am today. The devil tries to stop YOU from shining and many times, he can’t win it so he uses YOUR immediate family to try stopping YOU. Yes, I did STOP but the day it rang again that a great man isn’t known in His home, was the DAY I got my encouragement from MUMMY’s unknown discouragement.

Friends not too long from then, here were the words of MY Mother to Her Children “YOU’ll all be SUCCESSFUL I know, but K-KAY (as she calls me), I doubt if the devil himself can STOP HIM”. They know who YOU are only when YOU go beyond their expectations. Mother’s words can always make YOU STAND AGAIN if YOU see it from a different VIEW like I did — Best ASSET Ever!

Every WORD is two sided — It can KILL YOU or HEAL YOU. It all depends on the SIDE YOU see it from.

Good Morning!

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