thank God He’s GOD

I had listened to a couple of Testimonies YESTERDAY in church. It was not so much different from what I’ve been hearing at this end time of the YEAR. It was sure different in its Unique way as no two persons went through the same processes. The truth is, even if two persons went through the same processes, their experiences will always be different — That’s why YOU’re YOU not THEM…
… I enjoy Testimonies and any narration that comes like a story of one’s Life because they INSPIRE ME and at the same time ENCOURAGE me to know that I am not the only one going through a thing and then, it EMPOWERS me to HOLD ON for my time. I had found one thing in common from everyone’s testimony both from the past and that of YESTERDAY as people gave thanks to GOD for all.

At one point or the other, knowingly or unknowingly, purposefully or not, in the past on at present, We all have in one way or the other GIVEN UP on GOD. We’ve all at some point ask GOD to forget it that We’re moving on. Yes, YOU too have. Our Actions, Thoughts, and even Conversation with others must have said that to GOD…
… But guess what — Here’s the GOOD PART, GOD always knows when We do that both Consciously or Unconsciously and yet He chooses not to leave US or forget US like We unknowingly tell HIM. He chose not to give UP on US even at that point when We give up on OUR own very SELVES. Don’t YOU think He is the Kind of GOD YOU’ll like to call FATHER?

Friends, One more thing I will like YOU to do before the YEAR runs OUT is THANK GOD for being GOD. Imagine when Our Earthly PARENTS give up on simple Health Matters that befall their Children but then GOD doesn’t give up on YOUR most DIFFICULT SITUATION even when YOU perceive IMPOSSIBILITY.

If YOU’ve ever been in that situation where YOU gave YOUR Last Prayers, then this NOTE is for YOU — Be THANKFUL!