the Attitude ATTIRE

I had shared yesterday, an experience I witnessed from two persons while on a queue in a banking hall. Many times we pass judgment or give credit based on people’s appearance. An Adage says “Dress the WAY YOU want to be Addressed” — this implies that A slave can be Dressed like a KING and thus, be addressed as or given every benefit a King is due…

… By looks, the Lady deserved to know better than the YOUNG Man who corrected her words to the Banker. Afar from how we Appear, a chance to interact with or listen to an individual will give YOU a more reliable judgment of who a person is and perhaps what he/she is intellectually made up of — Appearance will sure count alongside other criteria.

… I’d learnt that appearance and smart look does not guarantee any ones level of knowledge of a thing as a good look can just be as a result of one’s sense of fashion. We sometimes, want to earn the benefits of the Kingly attire we’re dressed on but yet don’t know what it entails in attitudes to Act or represent what We put on. If YOU must be addressed based on YOUR Dress, YOU must possess the Attitudes of those who wear such dresses. I’d also learnt from that scenario that what One can’t learn in private, he or she will someday be forced to learn it in public — It will only be embarrassing if YOU let YOUR Pride fool YOU. Many times, when we reject knowledge, it isn’t because We don’t want it, it’s mostly because our shoulders are too high to learn from the Kind of person who’s giving the correction…

Friends, before YOU hope to earn that beautiful compliment or Address that comes from YOUR kind of Attire or Dressing, do know that there is a Kind of Attitude that will be expected from the Kind of Attire YOU Put on — If YOU Dress like a Teacher, be expected to have the Attitude of ONE who teaches others.

Remember that being good looking on a beautiful suit doesn’t make a man Gentle — His Attitude will decide that.


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