I got this response from one of my friends and good contributor to my posts in relation to my post for last Saturday “being SEXY or ATTRACTIVE”. I had to wait till another Beautiful Saturday like TODAY to continue with this. I’m posting it as she left it. I made a few changes on the words from informal to a formal one. Please read it below and get the Message…
…”Since the STRATEGY of Marketing is PACKAGING, most Ladies see exposing side view or full view (nipple or their fleshy part) as part of fashion which is wrong because NOT EVERY ONE THAT GOES TO THE SUPERMARKET ARE THERE TO BUY, SOME ARE THERE FOR WINDOW SHOPPING, SHOPLIFTING, OR OUTRIGHT BUYING of the COMMODITY”

I like the perspective with which this view was made. I love Marketing and as a STRATEGIC and Certified Marketer, I understand the contents of her response. First of all, for any or as many of our Ladies, it isn’t right to see YOUR Body as an Item on a Market TABLE for either sales or Advertising and thus if YOU do, please rethink and follow life as it was designed to be — A thing of VALUE…
… Yes she was right that any product that has all it has to offer on the sample desk will not have so much purchase on it especially when there are other competitors with a least advantage of being as good as YOU are or slightly Better. Every consumer wants to try something NEW (Arguable). She also added that “it’s ONLY when the CONTENT is hidden that the Buyers will be interested in it.

Again MY Very Good Ladies and Friends take some time to think on this thoughts that some of the MEN who lust after YOU as a result of what they see, end up on the Long Run with someone who they see or perceive as a More decent or responsible WOMAN. She concluded that “WE Ladies need to learn the RIGHT ways to DRESS so as to be ADDRESSED” — She’s a LADY and she’s YOU!

If for any reason, YOU must be a PRODUCT or an ITEM on the MARKET table, be that ITEM every YOUNG MAN will be curious to GET

Be the BEST!

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