5 awkward ways to land yourself in jail

I have a strange desire to experience life in jail. I don’t want to serve a long time but only a day or so or until I realise what kind of stupid desires i

1. Pee on a police vehicle or at any public place

If I’m a police officer and someone pees on it, I’ll be pissed off and definitely throw his ass in a cell.

2. Say 'f**k' in public

If police catches you saying the naughty word, they can arrest you on charges of profanity.

3. Stealing from the market

Given that it’s your first crime, judge will let you go upon hearing but you will get some jail time before being produced in the court. Stealing valuable items is a big no-no.

4. Dialing 911 or 100(India)

Call police at once at your home and when they arrive tell them it was a joke. I think it’s enough to piss them off and arrest you.

5. Bribing the police to let you stay in a cell for a day

Either way you’ll end up in jail.

P.S. I don’t encourage doing any of these things. Don’t waste the precious time of the police.

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