Going Against The Stream

Going against the stream takes work, a shit load of work. Also, not to mention the amount of courage and desire it takes.

But i have found that when you have the will, somehow you accumulate the courage and you are willing to work your ass off.

Recently, i came to know Barbara Walker. She’s 63 and seems like one of the chosen ones. The ones who are free from the smartphone and social media cult. I love telling her story.

Traveling around the country with a friend, she stumbled across the remote farmstead six months into her journey and fell in love with its owner - stockman Roy Walker.

She left her comfortable life in Switzerland and started a new life 70 miles away from the nearest city in Australia.

Although 24 years her senior, the pair married and were together for 13 years before his death from cancer at the age of 77 in 2002.

She has lived alone in the isolated bush camp and, along with a collection of rescued wildlife, tends to Mr Walker’s herd of 63 wild horses.

Her home is a pair of hand-made wooden huts and an old caravan, while her shower is an old bathtub that has been rigged up to a fire pump and uses water piped directly from a nearby creek.

She wakes up around 3 am everyday to feed her animals and kill hundreds of poisonous toads that swarm in her land.

She lives on a pension £6000 a year and says that the money is often tight but she manages somehow.

'My animals come first. I only eat once a day normally’, she says.
Since childhood, I just had to go against the stream. I just always felt a little bit like a slave - you know, people saying: "You can’t do this, you can’t to that, this is forbidden, that is forbidden".The older I got, the more it annoyed me.' she says.
She adds: 'The Universe put me here to do something positive in my life and I’m here to save a little bit of land and the wildlife. There’s nothing I can do about it - even if I have to crawl to make it work.'

Very few people can do what she has done. Her commitment and love for her work speaks for itself. She understands that there is no place for I in this universe. Life is an collective affair.

(Photos and data)Courtesy: DailyMail