How to live in the present

The present cannot be lived happily unless the past has been “cleared up” and the future is bright with promise. The past is in the past and the future is in the future. But we are so clouded with regrets of the past and occupied by what future may bring that we forget our current state, the present one. 
Have you ever thought what would happen if your lungs start to regret and stop it’s operation due to a breathing rhythm that was disrupted. You must be saying, "wow! A breathing rhythm. No big deal". Well, most of the time our mind is bothered by things that don’t matter or won’t even happen.
Also, most of the decisions that we make in our daily life are made unconsciously. We don’t think before brushing our teeth or taking a bath, it’s wired in our brain to do these automatically because they have been done repeatedly. Similarly, we keep refreshing our Twitter or Facebook feed unconsciously. We have no reason to refresh the feed but we still do.

These techniques will help you to live in the present:

1. Use power phrases

Power phrases are very useful when it comes to rewiring your brain. Every time you find yourself going back going back to the old state and doing things without being present, use power phrases. These are short phrases like Life is too short, I’m Better than this, etc.

2. Set Small Goals

Most of the time when we are distracted, it’s because we have nothing important to do or we have no clue about what we are doing. Setting small goals will not only make you productive but will keep you in the present.

3. Meditate

Meditating for as less as 5 mind can help you clear your mind. Meditation can help control your thoughts and make you more connected to your inner self.