The Ball Is In Science’s Court

Photo: Every dot is a galaxy.

Man, as a being of sense, wants his life to make sense, and he has found it hard to believe that it does so until there is something more than what he sees, unless there is something of eternal order and eternal life beyond this circle of life and death.

Man can enjoy happy moments when he knows there are more happy moments in the future. But, when he is at his last happy moment, he won’t be able to enjoy it. It seems like man doesn’t live in the joys of the present but on the joy of security of future. It resonates with millions of people working everyday

  • In jobs they don’t like
  • For bosses they don’t like

Man, as it seem, lives more in the future than in the present.

A friend of mine lost his dog few years ago. They were very close and he was devastated. But when i really think about it, he was devastated because he won’t be able to share the future with his dog. The whole meaning of our life revolves around something in the future.

A vast majority of human population believes in God. They haven’t experienced god with any of their senses but still they believe in God. This also resonates with the idea that man lives in the joy of security of future. Man believes in God because he wants to believe that there is something more to life than what he can see. If living is to end in pain, incompleteness, and nothingness, it seems a cruel and futile experience for beings who are born to reason, hope, create, and love. This may cripple us and cause inaction as we might argue what is the point of doing anything if we are going to die eventually. Most of my teenage years i was crippled by this thought.

I am a huge fan of science. Science seeks answers to questions that we are curious about.

But what science has said, is this: We do not, and in all probability cannot, know whether God exists. Nothing that we do know suggests that he does, and all the arguments which claim to prove his existence are found to be without logical meaning. There is nothing, indeed, to prove that there is no God too.

Science needs to step up because like me more and more people are becoming atheists. It’s not a bad thing but i think that people who believe in God are more carefree and happy. This doesn’t mean that atheists aren’t happy but only they are comparatively less.

Those who believe in God have a sense of security that someone is always looking upon them and somebody have a plan for them even when they don’t. Faith is an important aspect. Faith is believing without any evidence. People who believe in God tend to have more faith than atheists.

Science needs to come with a solution so that everyone wins and even atheists can also develop faith, which is very important today.

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