The one reason most people struggle in life

We were born as men, we will die as men. The middle part is where we mess up.

"About one-third of millennials say they would have been better off working, instead of going to college and paying tuition." Most of us have become followers. Every man is born unique but he wants to become like the 'famous' or 'loved' ones.

We believe that copying someone likeable will make others to like us too but most of the times, it doesn’t happen. Instead, we end up hating ourselves.

For instance, Jimmy joined gym because his co-workers appreciate his colleague Shane’s body. Jimmy follows exactly the same workout routine as Shane and after a month lies on a hospital bed due to overexertion. As it turns out, his body could not bear the workout routine that seemed to work perfectly for Shane’s body. He thinks that he’s a loser.

He could’ve started slowly and worked according to the capacity of his own body. Also, gym is not the only solution to this problem. He could’ve done a million other things to get in shape.

Man has the capability to find his own way. He has everything that he needs to live a fulfilling life only if he stops copying others.

Right now, whatever situation you are in, you have a choice. You have a choice to live a life on your terms and find your own way or you could do what others tell you to do or copy others.

Life is not a competition. It’s not a race. It’s an experience. There is no one judging you in the end, no one keeping the scores. It’s all about experience. A experience true to yourself. Stop existing, start living.