15 lies that terrify the body:

  1. It isn’t worth it.
  2. You are finished.
  3. Nobody is listening/watching/caring.
  4. That could have been you. But it’s not. Because, you’re you.
  5. You’re a mess.
  6. Did you think that you would win?
  7. What a waste. Such a shame that you will never amount to anything.
  8. “Can’t you be more like..”
  9. Don’t bother, today. Don’t you know yourself by now?
  10. You’re going to end up just like your father.
  11. You’re going to end up just like your mother.
  12. Stop fighting.
  13. It’s too late for you.
  14. You’re alone.
  15. Be quiet. There is nothing of value that you could say.

I’m writing this post because at one point or another, I’ve heard every single one of these lies (externally and internally) and believed them. Nurtured them. Befriended them. And clung to them. But lately some pretty important questions are being brought to remembrance. I have been asking more, this is a voice but is it the truth?

Is it true that it is too late? True that there is no point fighting? True that I am alone? The answer is no. And it’s the same for you. I think you’re reading this especially because it is meant for you, too. Our stories are our voice. Our voices are important.

I have so much to share with the world, and so do you. You don’t need to know or understand everything, but there is a reason you are still here. There is a reason you are where you are, facing the things you face on a daily basis. There is a reason that seasons change.

Sometimes a question brings necessary silence. I have heard this question amid the noise, rising quietly at first, trying to get my attention, trying to turn my head away from the negativity. Glowing, growing, until I can see it in the corner of my eye. Until the 15 lies are static and time has stood still. I turn to the question and hold my breath.

Do you know who you are?

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