On joy:

I don’t think that a person can ever know how powerful a thing is until they have lost it. For me, one of those things has been joy. When I think of what it means, what joy means, the answers never ever fall in straight lines. They are yellow, always yellow, sometimes lightening, sometimes thick, molten gold. Being carried through depression, I’ve realised that joy is precious. But also that it is more often a gift than a choice, it can be a lifestyle, constant sacrifice, endless freedom. Sometimes it sits besides me when I am alone in my room. Other times it is sudden sunlight through my window. I have seen it in the love of other people towards each other. I have seen it in the hands of people doing what they were born to do.

Joy intrigues me. It seems pretty elusive when you’re going through a dark place. But this post isn’t about that so much. I guess you could call this the start of a month long investigation into joy. It’s starting off as a personal querying of my own self but I feel like this will extend to others.

And to you.

Two years ago one of my best friends and I started a monthly journal challenge. It started with #FreeinFeb in Febuary 2015 and we challenged people everywhere to come to terms with some of the bigger questions and lies we ask/hear ourselves. It was great but life hit us both pretty hard soon after and the movement fell away. I’m not so sure that this will be a journal challenge (actually — I highly doubt it) but i’m calling it #JulyJoy. I’m going to write posts on here every day about my thoughts on joy and personal challenges i’m setting myself on a weekly basis to be more content, and more joyful. Because, what even is joy?

If you’d like to read my thoughts, just check that blog often! I’ll be sharing music, inspiration, posts, book recommendations, photography — you name it. Just things that are inspiring me right now/giving me life. If you have a blog or social media how about you do this for yourself too? And if you read some of the weekly goals I set for myself and feel you’d like to try it for yourself, go ahead! I’d love to hear from you if you do, or even if you’d just like to share some thoughts :) Also — you can suggest stuff to me, please please do. “Ask” on the blog (can be anon) or send me an email (iamsutra@gmail.com).

Let’s see what July holds. Check the hashtag (and use it for your own posts) on all social media daily: #JulyJoy

Oh, and i’ll be writing here too.


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