Words for the storm:

  1. Lies have speed, but truth has endurance.
  2. (Pace yourself.) Allow yourself some grace, because your life will never run away from you. It is either completed, or taken. Why hasten?
  3. In every place, there are men and there are women who are not good. This is not personal, it is the truth. You can walk away, if you look more at such truths.
  4. Pain and loss propel you faster than anything ever can in your life. Sit, often. Cry, when you must. Rest, at the end of it all. But be obedient also to the voice of God, when His words are simply: Stand up.
  5. You cannot be the same as you were before, because otherwise you will never get to the person you should be after. This is basic math. Will you now be kinder to yourself?
  6. That thing you are afraid of is in the battle you are being prepared to face.
  7. On the days that are more difficult, proclaiming God is good will keep you from drowning. Worshipping God is really more for us, than it is for Him. He already knows how good He is. But worship, it reminds the broken spirit of the One who remains whole. Our eternal hope.
  8. What is forgiveness, if not a thing that is wildly outrageous? You should fear less, the things that are not structured. That are not logical. That are not deserved. Give more forgiveness, so your heart can breathe.
  9. Keep your mind open, but your eyes open even wider. There are many ways for a woman/man to point to a hell within themselves. When your spirit is uncomfortable, close the door firmly and thank God, thank God, thank God.
  10. Life is a story. Life is a thread woven through each of us. We all are connected. The day you love your neighbour is the day you have learnt to love yourself.