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The scope of our documentation & this post is meant only for our தமிழ் Twitter Friends who are our stakeholders. Every update is meant only for them in twitter world who had been following from start of our initiative & only they can understand the context/perspective it was documented at that time.We are just representatives of them.

Wherever you find the word I in this post it implies “WE” and that doesn’t mean only those who worked along with me but each soul from twitter who served society

If we start to thank each soul then it would take at-least 3 days to read. Will try to Keep it simple without mentioning names. Kindly forgive me if i have left mentioning about someone/something. But personally did.

You deserve a big cheers !

First, all of our Tamil Twitter friends deserves a big cheer ! No other twitter community would express such a unity & use social media effectively during crisis. You have set a benchmark for other state friends.

Why documented ?

Not only to make you aware of what is happening in TN & what is happening for the fund you contributed but also to make your mind & heart to be connected with TN mentally tho you are physically somewhere in world. Hope it did happened to some extent ! “Twitter Cycle Diaries”


Thanks to each & every twitter friends who not only came “for the people” in chennai,Kanchi,Cuddalore,Chidambaram,Vizhupuram,Punruti Regions but also for the friends who either contributed with funds or with silent prayers.

Remember we all are branches of “தமிழ்Twitterஉதவிக்குழு” with Twitter & தமிழ் as our ancestors.

Its your responsibility to ensure that this twitter family tree keep growing with N number of branches by sowing good thoughts & your deeds.

Friends i know most of you are new to such social works & feeling bad that even after you did incredible work people are talking bad about you. Simple

“ You served for victims & not for those comment passers “. You are neither liable /accountable to them. You are not in twitter to prove you to others & you don’t need too.our தமிழ் twitter friends know the truth & they wont give up you guys. So don’t take such things to heart or feel dejected like that’s y none coming to serve or you wont come henceforth & all. You are the role models for next generation youngsters . Don’t give Up !

Thanks Umar

Sufficient Anecdotes in our documentation to know why he is !

Thanks Karuna Sir

“பணம் இருக்கும் மனிதனிடம் குணம் இருப்பதில்லை” only few inspiring philanthropist like Karuna Sir are exception for that lyric. Perfect role model for youngsters. Whatever heights you reach,whatever wealth you amass you should have the heart to give it back to society & most importantly trusting & supporting youngsters ! Hats off sir.

Thanks to our Twitter Radios:

Thanks to each & everyone who re-tweeted our twitter teams updates,requests,needs etc across TN after verifying.Without your support we wouldn’t be able to achieve what we planned.

Thanks to supply Providers:

Thanks to our all supply providers across towns in TN,who not also appreciated our united cause but also delivered goods at discount price on short notice.

Thanks to All Govt Officials:

Thanks to DC,Sub collector,Police Officials,Taluk offcials,Firka officials,Oor thalaivars for accepting our request & providing our need lists

Thanks Friends:

Thanks to my ex football colleagues, gamers abroad,special schools,social activists in 4 states who helped to raise funds in short time .

Being Hitler:

Thanks to each soul who worked 24*7 with me bearing my torture of plan & guidance till they get it. Traveled 4 states to raise funds & they know i would be travelling here & there,never can’t be found in a single place and would visit them at odd times but never lost connectivity with all the Teams that’s because they would keep on updating me one team after other even at 3 am or i would call them ! Most of them are young & new to such social activities and i expected them to breakout at times & they did like kids.

“na pls na 1 hour sleep pls..5 ku call panni elupi vidunga, neenga planoda varathukulla readyaa iruppom :) “

They understood how much i’m occupied with everything & they would patiently wait for my plan & response.Most didn’t even bothered to call & interrupt.They would leave a msg & they know i would call them back at anytime late night ! Such was the trust and co-ordination. That’s how all the teams across TN synced together. Karur, Thirupur, Vizhupuram, Punruti, Cuddalore,Chidambaram,chennai,Pondy,N.Madras everything happened on short notice overnight with simple text from me & each teams would take care of what needs to done independently & delivered their job perfectly ! No piggybacking,no repeated explanations about need,just one msg they will start ! Fantastic team work across locations.

Thanks to those N number of friends,new teams who pinged in tl,dm,msg,whatsapp, call & would patiently wait for response like a queue & i wouldn’t have for most too based on priority. Sorry for that. But within few days all got the feeling that “we all are one & the same” and many teams started to sync along .

In-spite of torturing them like this, all expressed thanks for the opportunity to work along & cherished the moments & wants to do more! Dono what to say ...or how to thank them with proper vocabulary.Glad that they worked as single team & served with smile for society. Thanks Champs ! .


Some of you might expressed sigh or disapprove of sarcasm/harsh/rude open take on state/media/celebrities. Sorry for that.There were two specific instance which attempted to break the threshold level of patience,i wont give up any volunteer at any cost.once the concerned apologized & i deleted,recouped & moved on. For those who just reads news,post comments & thinks contributing fund is alone social activity & never came to street for some unknown it would be hard to understand & i’m not expecting too but there is something called ground reality which you would realize only with your social activity experience. You can check with experienced activists like Umar what would happen if you say the truth or want to do the right thing for society. We updated whats happening in TN & whats happening for your funds but never updated whats happening for me.! & if i did team’s spirit will go down.Anyway no need to postmortem about that & al nothing personal,I apologize to state/media/Celebrities & their followers for offending them with my immature takes on them twice & to you as well. sorry.

Thanks to our Fuel :

Hearty thanks to back talkers & those who did in front,threatened,criticized using big forces etc etc as well. We appreciate “Be an open enemy rather than false friend” but first we should acknowledge you as enemy first ! nothing such sorts & thanks for being our team’s fuel which helped to achieve what we planned to do in short time.

Thanks Stake Holders :

Thanks for still waiting patiently to know whether fund is credited or not . I could have simply lied that yes its got credited but din’t ,said i will do later to irk you more. Tried to explain with a rude reply like

I know it was harsh and everyone deserves a acknowledgement at-least for their trust. But really i couldn’t get time to check sorry & you will come to know why its hard when you scroll the account statement. Again sorry for testing your patience.

If you remember this was our initial plan instead of delaying to serve

Any idea how much we raised in short time??? itssssssssssss

“1516736.96 INR “ yes you read it right its Fifteen Lakh Sixteen Thousand Seven Hundred Thirty Six And Nine Six Rupees ! .

You are superstars ! In addition to the amount we raised, each team contributed out of their hands too.


After contributing for Chennai Flood my bank balance was 14479.97 Rs Dec 2 evening. The first amount we received for our cause was 250 rs Dec 2 night once we posted what we going to do

Then like a nuclear fusion our தமிழ் twitter friends stormed together & started to support & contribute us. Its you who made us to do more than what we planned initially for a week alone. Instead we extended for 2 weeks. Remember its we who stopped to receive funds & still friends are asking where to ,whom to etc ..! Our simple lamp got spread like a forest fire and drew enough media attention & soon govt too will initiate their relief activities. That’s why we wrapped after doing things different from others.

and my current account balance was -343.50 Rs. Would be sending personal backup 10000 RS tomorrow to treat all the Volunteers on your behalf. They deserve good lunch,sleep & more.

Account Summary Excel :

You can check expense report on Each towns with head contacts in respective sheets .

Account Statement :


There wont be bills for local daily tata ace logistics expense for two weeks ,petrol etc of such generic unbilled miscellaneous expenses across locations etc. If you need clarification you can reach out to those contacts mentioned in Excel. Actually we have spent out of our hand more to meet such expenses since we closed transfer. In case if someone not satisfied with the work team done,kindly leave a comment with your account details,the amount you sent etc. As of now i don’t have money but will transfer back for sure next month when i’m back from surgeries.


Kindly request you to delete all the tweets,msgs,images where ever you have shared,stored. Delete contact no all details you stored of me. See in spite of repeating many times someone among you sent 9920 Rs Today ! :(

Have transferred that to cuddalore now to get few tarpaulins now

Kindly I request you to pls delete every details you have. I cant keep on monitoring this. As i will be using the same account for hospital and other personal things i need to start taking care of in some days. Requesting again kindly delete everything you have shared/stored pls.

What next ? Phase 2 ? :

We are neither liable/limited only to Twitter world but in Real world too. Teams would continue their raincoat & tarpaulin distribution once bulk loads arrives. Each team would take their split and would serve in respective villages.They would continue our documentation in my absence online.Have already drafted Phase 2 for Cuddalore,Chidambaram circle and teams would be working on that offline silently. Those who are still reaching out to me ,where to come,wants to work along, when etc .. pls check with Umar @umarChennai Timeline around monday/Tuesday as explained below. Kindly no need to contact me for anything further.kindly delete all you info you have of me.

To those who are coming/planning :

Have compiled all the lists received from govt sources. Pls make use of it. Take printouts and give it to your volunteer teams. Send each team to one village there by you can cover as many villages as possible. There are lots of unattended villages in worse state & names not even heard of. Pls serve the needy villages. All it requires is good plan by making use of these list. It has all the info you need right from office contacts,VAO contacts etc

Anything i want to say apart from thanks? :

I would say the same what i usually say to kids in orphanages,special schools whenever i go to teach & spend time with them . Be it ambition,goals,wish,prayers whatever you can call but the prayer i teach those kids is simple . Pray to Nature that

  • உதவ வேண்டும் என்ற உண்மையான எண்ணத்தை கொடு
  • பிறருக்கு உதவும் நிலையில் என்னை என்றும் வைத்திரு
  • உதவ வழிநடத்தும் திறனை கொடு.
  • “உள் ஒன்று வைத்துப் புறம்பொன்று பேசுவார்
    உறவு கலவாமை வேண்டும்”
  • ஒத்த எண்ணங்கள் கொண்ட நல்ல நண்பர்களை கொடு
  • எதை செய்தாலும் அதை நீ தான் செய்தாய் என்ற எண்ணத்தை தலையில் ஏற்றாதே,அது உதவ வேண்டும் என்ற உன் எண்ணத்திற்கு இயற்க்கை வகுத்த வழி.செய்தது நீ அல்ல.
  • உதவ வேண்டும் என்ற உன் எண்ணம் உண்மையானால்,வழி தானாய் பிறக்கும். பொருள் இல்லையென்றாலும் நடக்கும் !எண்ணத்தில் உண்மையும்,மனதில் உறுதியும் இருந்தால் .!

You may not be leading a posh life like others,and yes there will be too many downs than ups in life..but when you look back at some point in life..those old lips of yours would murmur La vita è bella ! Life is Beautiful & would have sufficient inner peace before death.

You don’t need to brand yourself like this party man,that party man,communist,social activist, atheist,periyarist,upper,lower,or blind follower of any ideology or philosophy etc etc to serve ppl.. Just because you wear a Che guevara tshirt & call everyone as தோழர் online you are not Che,periyar etc and why should you be like them first ? you can admire someone but no one can become like others if so then there is no purpose of your life. You don’t need to brand like “Being inhumane” to show that you are a human ! Just be a simple Human with Humane & stop branding yourself .

Don’t wait for some leader who converts youth anger for the benefit of the nation & society. Just convert your anger constructively and give back to society what u can. Dont just sing “oh yuva yuva oh yuva” & wait for change ! start making simple changes right from your home,society.around.!

‘Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love”- Mother Teresa

“இதயம் என்பது சதைதான் என்றால் எரிதழல் தின்றுவிடும்
அன்பின் கருவி இதயம் என்றால் சாவை வென்றுவிடும்”


“அன்பின் பாதை சேர்ந்தவனுக்கு முடிவே இல்லையடா!
மனதின் நீளம் எதுவோ, அதுவே வாழ்வின் நீளமடா!”

Like Bruce Lee’s quote “ Be Water,my friend” Just empty your mind,be formless,shapeless and keep flowing in nature’s course you will take the form required at times & be a bird which can’t be locked in a single comfortable zone keep spreading love & smile.

Sorry for wasting your time,Thanks for your patience.

Spread Love & Smile. Bye !




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என்னுள் இருக்கும் நல்லவனும் கெட்டவனும் ஓயாமல் சண்டை போடுகிறார்கள் .என் செயல்கள்,சிந்தனைகள் மூலம் யாரை ஊட்டி வளர்க்கிறேனோ இறுதியில்அவனே வெல்வான்,நான் அவனாவேன் !