The Recurring pain

Where does this pain comes from?,

it comes from being ignored Or feeling ignored.

having people around you but not the sense of belonging. Not having the warmth, that feeling understood brings, being cold as a stone., feeling same unimportantness as the stone on sidewalks

  • The truth is that people will break you heart, and leave you there to collect the pieces.
  • The truth is lack of love will erode you but, lack of sense of belonging won’t even let you die in peace.
  • The truth is no matter what, you will suffer but you have to find meaning in those suffering.
  • The truth is what kills you from inside, will force you to wear a smile on your face

When everyone is insecure, busy & have many things to be occupied, you will fall into oblivion.You will suffer in silence.You will struggle to find your voice.

Loneliness kills you but, being with people reminds you the same....

You have to live with this, you have to live long enough to see good days.Endure