Case Study — Redesigning Landing Page

As a Lagosian, I am familiar with the struggles of finding an apartment. Renting an apartment is a big topic of discussion, a struggle that brings us all together. What would it look like if this search struggle wasn’t the case?

That question is why I decided to redesign landing page, an online marketplace to rent an apartment in Lagos. This design brief has 3 sub-headings:

  • The company research
  • Identifying redesign problems/opportunities
  • Solution

Let’s get started!

Company Research

Before diving into the redesign of landing page, I researched the company and the apartment rental industry in order to be more informed, to learn the language of the space and also to understand the company’s goals.

The Main goal of

“ bring your home closer to you.” is building the most convenient way for the modern day Nigerian/ Lagosian to get an apartment. Whether you are starting your career, starting a family, or buying your first home. has been around for more than 2 years, 2016 to be precise, they set out to eliminate the barriers that make it difficult for young professionals and families to find homes and live in major cities in Nigeria. Since then, they’ve been building the most convenient way for the modern-day African consumer to get accommodation.

They hope to be the easiest way to find and pay for a home, offering flexible payments plans, lease terms, and housing options that are designed around your needs.

The Users



Identifying redesign problems/opportunities

Improving Information Architecture

Improving the search option within the apartment discovery flow + the general UI improvements’s current Landing Page

Areas of possible improvement include:

  • The Illustrations — At first glance, the illustration on the hero may not be explicitly clear that the site is for an apartment rental, also other illustrations used on this page take up unnecessary space with really little or no user action happening around them
  • The Search — The search menu on the hero doesn’t clearly ask users enough questions, it needs to really streamline the discovery options of the user, so more questions like; location, apartment type, and probably budget should be included.
  • The Shared option — It says “Rent a private room in a shared home with furnished common areas like living room and kitchen.”. Looking at its current location and font size, users might hardly pay attention to this. But it is a really great selling point and it needs more emphasis.

The Solution

I decided to use a hero image instead of illustrations because it adds a deeper, more helpful layer of User experience to the landing page.

I also added the other necessary search options in a way that at the click of the search button users can find at first glance a property that fits their need. The shared option was given more emphasis by creating a different section for it.

In addition, I made the shared option more prominent changing the background colour of the section to something brighter and also adding the two available options as cards. Redesign

Though we can say that people find the site valuable, but to improve on that and actually solve the accommodation hustle, I am sure this new design is a better improvement of the current site.

Thanks for reading.

You can also find me on twitter iam_dharmy or on my personal website

Link to the design on Behance

Design on Behance

Looking for a design community to be part of? Do join Figma Africa slack channel, link below

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I'm a UX/UI Designer. I appreciate transforming complex issues into straightforward interface designs.

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Oluwadamilola Soyombo

Oluwadamilola Soyombo

I'm a UX/UI Designer. I appreciate transforming complex issues into straightforward interface designs.

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