My 2018 in Review

Oluwadamilola Soyombo
3 min readDec 30, 2018


Wrote this review to kickstart my writing skills, but would be happy if anyone finds it useful, hope to write more in the coming year

In the first quarter of the year, I bagged my BSc. in Computer Science with a second class upper from FUNAAB after concluding my project on “A 3D Game-Based Learning Approach For Phishing Attack Awareness.”

At the induction ceremony into the Computer Professional Association of Nigeria

I was 20 and turned 21 in June. Professionally, I was quite a novice. I had 0 connections to anyone in the big world of “tech. I had no big goal. I was very lost and confused on what to do next.

In April, a friend (adexot) advised that I join the HNG internship 4.0 which was a three-month remote internship for developers and designers to build their skills.

HNG Internship 4.0 closing ceremony

I learnt UI/UX Design and developed some coding skills, being among the finalist of the internship, I reached out to Mark Essien, seeing my eagerness to learn and my passion for designs, he gave me the opportunity to come work on a project for another 3 months at creating user interface designs for a new business idea. At first I wasn’t quite sure if I was up to the task, but on meeting the other members of the product team I would be working with, I knew immediately that I was going to learn a lot there. Their welcoming faces made my first day splendid and I did have a wonderful experience working with them. In addition to my UI/UX design skills, I learnt marketing, content writing/editing, as well as communication skills.

By August I got called for my NYSC program and currently I’m a UI/UX Designer at Freeme Digital. As my passion for designs increased, I longed for more knowledge and wanted to see designing from another aspect. My interview process was smooth and when I resumed my role, I realised that designing for the music business was simply amazing.

Freeme Digital La Campagne 2018

I made awesome friends (Faraday, Nanmso, Fifi, round David, china David, Trojan, maaj, Sarah, Suzysmallz, TechBola and a lot more), I became active on Twitter, got to use awesome tools like Figma , got my Dribbble and Behance accounts active, and most importantly purchased my personal domain which would be live mid-january 2019. I also got to mentor people in UI/UX Designs after being under the mentorship of other designers like Namnso Ukpanah, David Ukauwa . Also being part of the Figma slack community has helped in my growth as a designer. I was also a mentor in the NaijaHacks Hackathon 2018.

Well, there was no relationship achievement neither did I get the perfect figure 8 shape I wanted or the CCNA certificate I longed for, but I developed passion, interest and satisfaction in what I did and thrived to learn new things. I realised that getting these skills were really easy, one just needs a good laptop, strong internet and dedication/diligence to learning. If you are a newbie interested in learning UI/UX Design feel free to reach out to me, you can also join the Figma slack workspace and read articles on Figma

I look forward to a splendid 2019, full of greater achievements.



Oluwadamilola Soyombo

I'm a UX/UI Designer. I appreciate transforming complex issues into straightforward interface designs.