Overcoming Creative Block And Generating Valuable Ideas (Pt 1)

Oluwadamilola Soyombo
2 min readOct 16, 2019


Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

Have you ever been scared of a blank Canva, and at that point it seems that your creative mind is completely blocked?

My biggest designing secret is sketching down what I have on my mind the moment the idea strikes. Usually, it’s in the morning when I’m partly awake and my mind is still wandering from my design dreams.

Breath and Relax

Being anxious and stressed out about this wouldn’t help out, try as much as possible to be calm and be cautious of your breathing.

Understand Yourself

What type of creative person are you? What time of the day are you most
creative? Once you know this, its easier to generate a lot of ideas during this period.

Get Inspirations

Check out other websites, go through different designs from online sources also look around your surroundings, go to the beach go sightseeing or something, just try to get inspirations, envelope yourself with designs and nature and colors and beautiful works.

Understand the Task

A good understanding of what you are designing for can really go a long way. Ensure you properly understand the brief so that you can generate valuable ideas.

Start sketching

Don’t worry about font, color, flow, grammar, any of it yet. Iterate later. Just get your raw ideas down. Ignore finding the perfect tool or icons, sometimes just use a notepad and pen. Choose a design tool that’s familiar (Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, Invision App). Start with what feels comfortable and known.

Speak Out Your Ideas

Ensure you tell the client/stakeholders,about the ideas sit down in a proper meeting if needed, then speak up ideas, at the same time need to also listen to their own ideas then you guys now form a balance.

That way you’re able to come up with ideas that would be of value to every party involved in the design process.



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