Exploring vulnerability, being grateful & accountable: The year 2021 in retrospect, 2020 too introspect

As I begin, I will say that some awful things happened to me this past year, so brace yourself:

Despite all these, I am grateful, first for life, for family, for old & new friends especially people I will like to keep doing/living life with.

Although the year has been challenging, I achieved a few of my goals this year:

A happy birthday to me (reach-out for my aza biko), cheers to the new year, and doing better in “2020 too”




•Only child •Intelligent •Smart •Loves God and Mum •Loves #Arsenalfc •O.A.P •Humorous •Savior •#Capricorn •#MandelaTheBlackPimpernel

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Nakajima Teppie

Nakajima Teppie

•Only child •Intelligent •Smart •Loves God and Mum •Loves #Arsenalfc •O.A.P •Humorous •Savior •#Capricorn •#MandelaTheBlackPimpernel

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