Four things I love (this week) — Startups, Poor vs. Rich, Headphones and Chance the Rapper

  1. Tim Ferriss podcast: “Should you start a Startup or build a cash flow business”

Favorite quote of the podcast:

“I assume there is going to be a crash. I invest in people who are happy to run their companies for 15 years”

2. Favorite book I read this week:

How The Poor Can Save Capitalism


This book has a simple message for business leaders: you help yourselves by helping the poor. Instead of feeling as if the economy is working against them, the poor need to feel they have a stake in it so they will buy your products and put money in the bank. Supporting poor people’s efforts to move into the middle class is the only way to enrich everyone, rich and poor alike.

Favorite quotes from the book:

For the rescuer:

“Half of poverty is low self esteem.”

For the visionary:

“If you don’t know who you are in the morning, by dinnertime, someone’s gonna tell you.

For the pragmatist:

“Rich folks need poor folks to do better if for no other reason than to keep the rich folks rich”

If you are a business leader you have an obligation to read the book and find a way to get engaged. You’ll thank me later.

3. Favorite product purchased for under $100 (Sale on Amazon)

These are prefect for blocking noise when you need to get work done, listen to the song below and dictate documents.

4. Favorite new song: Sunday Candy — Chance the Rapper

Listen to this and if it doesn’t make you smile I’ll buy you a coffee.

Favorite verse:

“ I got a future so I’m singing for my grandma.”
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