Distracted From My Creative Process

Coming to you live from my bedroom on a particularly difficult day. Why a difficult day, you may wonder? Well, I’ve been quite distracted and uninspired. An all too often (and lethal) combination of feelings that I struggle to cope with.

On any given day, the inside of my mind looks like a super unorganized stationary box. Like there are pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters, post-its, receipts, and chewing gum strewn everywhere. In theory, I know exactly whats in the box, but when I need to pull something out at a specific moment when I actually need it, things can be hard to find.

That’s my attempt at a metaphor for all of the ideas that I have. They’re sitting in my brain box, just waiting for me to pull them out and shape them, but the thought of doing so leaves me feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed. So my ideas are patiently for me to woman up, and face them like the capable creative that I know I am.

Channeling the ‘creative mess’ vibes I was going for. There were no brown hands for me to use. Sigh.

Oh, and I also began teaching myself to code about 5 months ago. This is directly related to the above because a good chunk of my ideas are things that I’d like to build with code.

I recently attended the Codeland conference, hosted by Code Newbie, and one of the takeaways that stood out to me the most, is how many newbies, like myself, use documenting their journey as a tool for self motivation, accountability, and a way to gauge their progress. And here I am deciding to do the same right here on Medium.

Whenever I come across a challenge or aha moment that particularly sticks with me, I will share it here, with hopes that someone somewhere finds it one day, and might be able to relate.

That’s all for this post, folks. I’ll be back sooner rather than later!