Who the hell am I?

  1. I wandered into the world of international NGO project management shortly after graduating from undergrad. Having international personal experiences growing up as a Third Culture Kid, it wasn’t surprising that foreign language and international affairs pulled me into its orbit.
  2. My first foray into the ✨magical world of code✨ began with me discovering the Hear Me Code community. Free, beginner-friendly courses for women in the DC area? Don’t mind if I do! My first lesson with Hear Me Code was my gateway into the DC tech scene, which has been so ridiculously welcoming.
  3. Bonus fun fact: As of late, I’m slowly turning into honeybee nerd. If you are curious and have the time, read Honeybee Democracy by Thomas D. Seeley. Fascinating stuff.

What kind of code am I learning?

Now we get to the good stuff!

  1. I’m on a mostly front-end focused track right now. I have a good grasp of HTML, CSS, and Git + GitHub. JavaScript is the next step, and then after that I’m thinking of giving Python a go. Being the Slytherin that I am, I have developed quite the affinity towards it. I credit Hear Me Code for that.
  2. I started off with Skillcrush, a favorite in the self-learning dev community — in particular with folks (mostly women) interested in freelance. I took the front end blueprint which was great! Up until I got to the JavaScript portion (the final section of the blueprint). I was unsatisfied and no way near as comfortable as I would have liked to have been with the basics once I completed it. And so I began weighing other options for learning JavaScript.

I did a bit a research and time and time again, Treehouse kept popping up. I decided to go with Treehouse, and I have been satisfied so far. I’m only about 2 weeks into the JavaScript Basics module, so we’ll see how I progress!

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