Coding Is Over

I learned assembly while people were still using ASICs and I said “ASIC” are over, code in assembly and flash the software!

then I learned C and said “Assembly is over”

then I learned Java and swore I’d never malloc again!

until I discovered VisualBasic and the joy of no-code

until I had to maintain a logic hidden in picutres and discovered Python and wxWindows and realized how pathetic VisualBasic was.

Then I started making typos and found Haskell, where I could not make a typo or even make an algrebraic math error

but that was hard so I went back to Perl, because it really can do anything

until I needed a job and went back to Java with HTML

but HTML was stupid so I used Frontpage to drag and drop screens again

then designers discovered the “internet” and I had to learn CSS, Javascript and the dredded DHTML.

I was writing all this text for silly CRUD so I moved to visual drag and drop happyness of objectPal

until more people needed simultaneous access so then I ported it to the online database quickbase and wrote some Python integrations

until a customer didn’t want our data on other peoples servers so I moved it to MS SQL but found visual nirvana in MS ACCESS

then the millennium ended, and everyone freaked out because we realized how few people actually knew how to code……

Sarcasm aside your article hit on some major memes. That developers are egotistical, short sighted and overpaid. Any PM could be a developer if not for all the complicated technical bits. Well that is just silly, because if a PM could create an application — then they would be a developer.

There is always a point for tools and ‘code’ is simply how we express an algorithm. Wheather it is a dancing cat game written by an 8 year old in Scratch or the landing jet controller of SpaceX, this is all code. Sometimes we over-engineer and spend more money, sometimes we under-engineer and the company fails.

Good developers pick the right tool for the job. Amatures pick the tools at hand and hope it works. (Any butter knife is a screwdriver in my dad’s view)

I’ve seen homegrown CMS systems that were terrible and should have been replaced with wordpress, and major corporations running business processes apps in elegantly designed wordpress plugins. But most of the time I see deisgners use the wordpress blog as a foundation because they fundamentially don’t have a clue about web development. That is ok, because the local restaurant really doesn’t need a highly available, fault tolerant 5 9’s system.

I don’t walk around saying all writers are overpaid egotistical posers , anyone can write — look at me I just wrote 500 words while sitting on the couch, listening to live Jazz in the park while my wife is asking me to stop ranting online and go outside ;)

After all, why is Neil Gaemon this big shot writer, I can probably type faster then him. — oh yeah, he is a brilliant writer who spent a lifetime honing his craft, while I’m just a occational blogger.

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