Millennials Will Make Up For 50% Of The Workforce By 2020

This is a statement from a Talent Trends Report in 2015. So the question comes down to what are you doing as part of your recruitment & retention strategy?

Most of the time graduates are just satisfied with their jobs like the rest of the of the world but now what’s happening is after spending a maximum of 3 years in a business they’re looking to move on. That’s not even 30% of what the older workforce is used to doing.

It doesn't mean that they’re not happy in working for your company, they like to try new things and over 70% of the time they don’t mind in getting on to the phone with a recruiter like myself. We live in the world of social media & smartphones, opportunities are thrown at them so they do tend to be actively looking for more exciting or challenging roles.

Having a plan or strategy will make a massive difference to your company in retaining or developing the younger workforce who you have put in time and money to recruit & develop into an ideal employee. It’s time for you to put yourself in their shoes. What is that they’re looking for? Can you combine both the needs of the company & loyalty of the workforce to make sure you have a strategy tailored to the millennial employees.

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