Removing the smoke & mirrors of entrepreneurship.

(Picture from BBC news 26th December 2013)

The place which I called home a few years ago. Thanks to a caring human I went from homeless to working 20 hr days for a roof over my head and food on the table.

My entrepreneurial career started by understanding people in a shisha lounge and their behaviour as consumers.

Since then I’ve started and failed numerous b2b businesses but more recently I managed to co-found & launch a company. In 6 months we built a loyal client base with a community of 100 micro business owners. Having stepped down I open a new chapter in my life to be an accessible entrepreneur for people.

I don’t see flaws in people but my heart understands the pains that you go through to make a living and build a lifestyle which you set out to create. It’s a lonely road and it isn’t easy but I’ve come to understand during my 6 years the true emotion which drives people to put everything on the line for a dream. 40% of business owners facing cash flow challenges. So that’s 4 in 10 people who embark on this journey.

Everybody goes after the 20% of clients that will make 80% of a business but I believe that’s just a fairytale people wish because people who truly need the help are ignored and should be focused on.

Let us send a message out together and remove any smoke & mirrors around building a business. So share this amongst your network. I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

P.S I help micro business owners to productise & sell their skills for a consistent revenue