The Practical guide for social selling in your small business

Sales has obviously changed. If the average appointment rate from a cold call is 2.5% then clearly something is wrong.

Social selling is the new era of sales and unless it’s done right it won’t be effective and you’ll waste time.

Here are a few practical tips to get you started:

  • Branding, from being consistent in design to the tone of your messaging. You need not to be a traditional business but you want to be a professional brand with a personalised touch.
  • Create valuable meaningful content that makes people think. Show your expertise with research alongside your thought leadership. Anyone who likes or comments is an opportunity for you to private message and get feedback.
  • Have a process. What is the journey you’re taking them through. Have you spent enough time engaging to build trust? Definitely avoid the “What is that you do” question in the first two interactions
  • Your goal is to attract, show you care and understand, then solve a problem for them which should lead you to a Skype call or a coffee. Remain authentic and professional.
  • Use Trello or a CRM system to manage progress and engagement
  • Never go for a high priced sell. Get them at the lowest tier of your products or services.

Well written valuable content could help you secure 5–15 clients a week.

If you would like further support or have any thoughts feel free to comment below!

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