What are the 3 golden words of your life except ‘I love you’?

I absolutely loved this question when I was asked on Quora but I thought it was something I can share with the world. Before I go into the three words I would love to provide a bit of context as to why they’re important to me.

Growing up in a family of 6 children wasn’t always easy. My first niece was born and the attention diverted to more and more kids as I grew older. I then ended up living around a community that I had created using social media.

So that brings me on to my 3 words.. #AppreciatingYourCommunity. To dig a little deeper my second name Shakur also means ‘the appreciative’

Why is it important to appreciate your community and how do you do so?

Well before we go on to appreciating your community you have to learn to appreciate who you are, your looks, accomplishments, intellectual mind and the loving heart that you have.

Next we need to appreciate people. People make up this world and in our everyday lives you can make a difference. Create a smile and appreciate people for who they are rather than judging them for who you think they might be.

Now we can appreciate your community. These aren’t just your raving fans on your social media but it’s those you serve on a daily basis. They stay loyal to your approach and invest into your journey whether it be moral support or by sharing your last social media post. I believe without the three words I wouldn’t be able to have a feeling of contentment in my life.

‘Appreciating Your Community’ isn’t just about life but it applies to social media and business. It’s the philosophy behind each post that I create. How can I be empathetic to the reader, to the people that I serve. It allows me to create better products and achieve better results in marketing. Now that’s a topic I will dive into another day but yes there is a process to my 3 words and it’s what I live by.

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