Why Entrepreneurs Need To Give Up The Fear Of Giving Their Best Ideas Away

As a startup entrepreneur we fall in love with our ideas and concepts. It’s like you’re afraid of being ripped off or copied by your competition. We have this certainty that we’ll hit rock bottom if we share our ideas to the public.

Publishing is a great way of showing that you’re an expert in your field. The fact that you’re giving your ideas away is showing that you execute on what you do and you’ve achieved the results through tactical moves.

A great example is Jamie Oliver. As I sit here typing this blog next door to his restaurant in London Bridge I noticed he has got many products from shows to books. He gives all his recipes away but why do we still go to his restaurants?It’s because he has exposed himself, made himself vulnerable and showcased his work / knowledge through different means which is the reason why he got famous. The fact that he was on TV showing people how he cooked made him connect with an audience backing up the fact how amazing he is. It doesn’t mean that I’m going to go home and try and cook everything. It might just be the fact that I like the sound or look of what he is cooking which made me want to go to his restaurant.

It’s about being historically correct too. The fact that you’ve mentioned something or gave your opinion which years down the line came out to be right is the reason why publishing content is powerful. It’s a long term gain. Apple’s ideas are all patented but you can see what they’re working on. It doesn't mean that you’ll execute them. It might be the fact that a presenter is looking for a particular story and they end up on your blog post which gave you an interview on Live TV, a podcast or even getting into a magazine.

I sit here writing a post a day on Medium but I don’t do it because I feel as though i’m good at it. I just believe that it’s how I can give people context as to why they should listen to me in the first place. It also means I can tell a story which provides me a platform to create a picture in the minds of my target audience. This is where experts excel. Seth Godin we know because he publishes a blog a day. Grant Cardone as he sells his techniques in his books and Gary Vaynerchuk because he gives his expertise through his show on YouTube and it’s years of giving value which made him a success.

Hope this helps. I would really appreciate your thoughts and if you have any posts around marketing & sales or entrepreneurship I would be happy to share them on twitter.

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