Code Academy for Beginners

For this module I chose to begin coding with Code Academy. I found there exercises fairly easy to learn and use. This program helped me gain an understanding of coding within the little time it was used.

Python Syntax basically just teaches you how to print basically just putting things on the screen and how to assign variables. Basically all it teaches you to do is how to create syntax so that you are able to avoid syntax errors. To sum this up all that needs to be done is the inurement of colons and making sure that the whitespace is accurate.

For this was Pythons way of establishing the date and time. Date Time. Now.

What this does is establish the date and time. First you need to import the date time. Basically this is just importing the date and time from the built in function in python.

Then you basically watch as everything is substituted into the code. So all the areas needing to be filled essentially become filled.

The tip calculator just calculation the value of a meal. In order to do this you were given the price of the meal along with the percentage of tax but also the percentage of the tip. Then the skills acquired in the syntax unit were used in order to the math and print it.

To create this code, I assigned each variable to their individual assigned amount as per the websites instructions. Then I calculated the pricing of the meal using operations that I just googled. Then by using all of these I calculated the total followed by factoring in the print amount and then printing.

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