Cramming for exams using

With exams approaching there are new and creative ways of studying being explored. Considering the era of technology, we live in, many of these ways do involve electronics. There have been many online softwares and apps used to help with studying — or cramming for the procrastinator. However, there has been one truly creative and free online software — online cue cards. This method is being used on a multitude of websites as well as software’s. One website specifically that I have used to complete this module is the website This website provides a simple and easy to use layout but also instruction on how to set it up. To create the set of 5 cue cards for this module, all that was needed was to sign up which I did using my google plus account. Next you follow the instructions on the page that just showed how to set it up.

- It will show you where to enter the titles but also a description of the cue card set

  • Next is asked me to enter the information to be studied on both the front and the back of the cue card. More specifically this just detailed the front and the back of the pages.

From then it was easy. All that needed to be done was to enter the information onto back of the cue card which was indicated or the front. Finally, all that was needed was to double check and then submit the information and then cue cards would have been loaded creating a free and easy way of creating cue card that can be passed around to study with.

This is especially helpful is someone would like to study with friends or share information with others. Furthermore, this can be used for people studying who cannot be close together as they can take turns asking questions online. This app can help solve many issues directed toward studying alone but also studying with peers. Finally it does allow you to take your cue cards anywhere as you can download the app available on both Android and iPhone.

A link to the cue card set from can be found here:


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