The Analytics of Social Media

Many of companies and organizations used systems like Google Analytics to monitor and receive information for solely for the purpose of the improvement of their company and sales. They can also use this information to gain a better understanding of their demographic and who is more likely to consume what is being offered. Many companies, that happen to be rooted in person tend to ask for things such as a phone number or email to be able to further understand who the main consumers are and most times this improves the kinds of productions being directed toward them. Currently the clothing store I work in asks for both the email and phone number of customers to further understand their demographic to help strengthen out market.

Google analytics completes these actions but in an online way. What this companies aim to do is to provide a way of tracking of a website. This is able to monitor those who are visiting the websites but this can also go as far to see as who is actually consuming. This helps the companies to understand who the main consumers are. You are able to understand the location, ages and to some extent how long people spend on a site. This is helpful because this allows the companies and organizations to create connections as to why certain people are more interested in the website/products compared to others. This creates a way of tracking geo=location and expanding so more people from the location become more interested. Google Analytics also now provides Google Surveys which furthers location targeting and helps the companies further their understands of the market.

Google Analytics:

Many sites such as Instagram, YouTube and Twitter have found a way of monitoring demographics and reach. Providing this knowledge can help accounts grow.

As many people create careers of off the internet now, this is a big advantage as many people are able to further their accounts but also the amount of people who view their content and press the follow button. There have also been add- on tools create to help understand analytics for your channel and profile as well. Such as Tune Buddy. Tune Buddy focuses on solely being another way of providing more detailed analytics for YouTube channels.

Youtube Analytics:
Tune Buddy:

Due to the fact that many of these profiles have a means of creating careers. They all tie into the process of Google Analytics as that is a way to understand your demographic to increase profit, tools that display analytics for profiles display a way to increase profit as well.

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