Goodbye, Facebook

The time has come. I’m deleting my Facebook account.

Adam Schuster
Dec 11, 2018 · 2 min read

Facebook is a deceptive, terrible excuse for a company. Behind the polished veneer Mark Zuckerberg works so tirelessly to protect, they willingly participate in the propagation of misinformation and manipulation.

Facebook used to bring pictures of playful kittens and funny memes; now, it brings us dystopian results like President Trump and mass genocide in Myanmar. Facebook will have you believe they’re doing their level-best to combat these problems and stave off the spread of fake news and manipulation. The New York Times has recently revealed, however, that Facebook has been using the very same tactics themselves to discredit detractors who point out the truth about the problems their platform creates. How can we expect them to protect us from the very problems they are directly implementing themselves?

Facebook is devoid of real leadership, stewardship and basic morals on a never-ending quest for more and more revenue… no matter what the cost to society. I’m done contributing to this charade. Read the Wired article for more about the fallacy of Facebook’s “do-gooder” image.

Ways to contact me

To contact me in the future, please reach out directly using the information below or connect with me online using other platforms (and yes, I realize the irony of continuing to use Instagram even though it’s owned by Facebook). DO NOT FALL for any hackers or trolls in the future pretending to be me, asking you for a friend request! I will not return.

Telephone: 1–206–923–8334


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