A few weeks ago, Amy Devereux showed me a shortcut in Adobe Illustrator called “Paste in Front” that I didn’t know existed. It was relatively well-known but somehow had slipped past me. My mind was blown and I couldn’t wait to use it to speed up my process.

If you’ve ever learned a shortcut for something you do 1,000 times a day, then you’ve experienced the same electric feeling of knowing you’re about to be exponentially more productive. …

We recently relocated and there’s a lot to be excited about!

Envoy has grown out of two office spaces in five years, but now with our latest move we have plenty of space to grow into. Needless to say, we’re stoked. Moving into a larger office has already had positive effects on culture and collaboration, and the design team is working on customizing the space to ensure pride, productivity, and brand presence.

More space = more collaboration

As with a lot of growing startups, we physically outgrew our old office. But we were also looking for a change in atmosphere. Our previous office had three…

Alec Schmidt

Visual Designer at Envoy

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