Photo by Pixabay via Pexels

She is a blossom

In full bloom

Her colours radiate

From every direction.

Enlightened is she

Her petals unfold

Allowing every ray of light

Soak into her soul

Each layer tells a story.

Some warm, some cold

Some petals have been lost

Along the way.

It was for her growth.

They blew away.

A mystery is she.

Within her depths

Her soul transcends.

Once shallow

Her love now grows deeper.

For the soil.

For the surrounding trees.

For every other flower.

Within her own growth

She uplifts those around her.

Love grows here.



Sometimes acknowledging the root of the trauma is the hardest part.

Searching deep within.

through the very depths of my soul.

Asking the hard questions.

The scar begins to reveal itself.

Before it can be camouflaged by my ego,

I grab hold and rip it wide open.

Amid the pain of the reopened scar,

A pure knowing that I’ve found the key to my healing is revealed.

It won’t be easy.

It definitely will be painful.

The layers and layers I’ve unconsciously built around it will take layers and layers of healing.

It is all worth it.

For once the transmutation of scar to beauty mark is complete,

I will be closer to freedom.





Risen from the ashes of my own demise, I birth paradigms.