A fictional story about quarter-life crisis


The sun beat down at a blistering 98 degrees, leaving Mila’s skin feeling wet and sticky and her hair a giant mess of frizz. The humidity never agreed with her, but no matter how hot it was, she still felt the need to go outside on her breaks. It was as close to an escape as she could get.

Escape. How could she escape? Maybe she could find a buyer for one of her paintings and make a living that way. Then she wouldn’t have to keep coming back to this dreadful place, day…

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There’s a full moon tonight. The sun is still setting, but already, I can see the moon’s milky glow through my bedroom windows. It’s not dark yet, but I move to open them anyway. Nights like this, I always open the windows. The full moon has a way of pulling things to the surface and shining light on what we like to ignore; so whenever she shows up, I choose to let her in. It’s a ritual that makes me feel like she’s on my side — here to listen to whatever’s in my heart and help me move through…

It seems like no matter how many changes I make in my life, days like today will still, always come. I still get overwhelmed, I still feel out of control, and the discomfort of dissatisfaction still creeps in. Worst of all, these feelings come even when there’s no real reason for them. Or at least it seems that way.

This morning I got up early. I wanted time. Time to meditate, time to make a healthy lunch, time to do my hair and makeup. …

And that’s okay

Staring out into the void. Just kidding.

I’ve noticed — no matter how many changes I make in my life, days like today still come. I still get overwhelmed, I still feel out of control, and the discomfort of dissatisfaction still creeps in. Turns out I can’t actually be happy all the time.

Worst of all, these feelings still come even when there’s no real reason for them.

I love my life — my home, my husband, my job, my family — they’re all so wonderful and I feel truly blessed to be living such a wonderful life. Still, sometimes everything just feels like…

She’s holding you back from your best self


There’s this girl I know. I “real-life” know her, but for the most part, our relationship exists through social media. I follow her, she follows me, we like and comment on each other’s stuff, and every now and then, we send each other messages.

You know the kind of girl I’m talking about, right?

I adore her in an, I want her to be my best friend, kind of way. She’s charismatic, charming, friendly, pretty, engaging, inspiring and really easy to relate to. She’s one of those women who makes you want to be better.

So naturally, I also HATE…

Learning to deal with negative emotions


How many times as a child do you think someone told you how to feel? There’s no reason to be upset, you’re okay, stop being so silly, calm down, it’s just a movie, it’s not real, don’t cry. These are just a few of the things I remember my parents saying to me, or that I’ve heard parents saying to their children in an effort to shift negative emotions or bad moods.

No one wants their kids to be upset. Obviously it’s better when they’re happy, but, experiencing negative emotions is part of how children learn and grow. Parents want…

Have you considered that maybe you just hate your life?


I’ve been there — lost in that place of extreme desperation — ready to pump my body full of chemicals just to trick myself into feeling normal.

Life had become too hard, and I was starting to feel like my own mind wasn’t even on my side anymore.

So — nervously, awkwardly, begrudgingly — I decided to talk to my doctor.

I waited in one of those little rooms, twiddling my thumbs and wondering if there was still time to just sneak out (for like, 45 minutes). …

A Journey down the broken road that lead me straight to me


When it’s time for a growth spurt, life has a way of challenging us in all the right ways. The challenges start out small, but each time we fail to recognize whatever it is we need to do in order to grow, the challenges come back stronger and more intense. This will happen again and again, until finally, you get the message…

My Wake-up Call

Fuck, the condom broke; you better not have any STDs.

That’s what the frat boy I barely knew, and certainly didn’t want to have sex with, said after he’d finally stopped.

I don’t remember much of this particular…

Affirmation: may I be grateful for the little things, even when life gets hard


In January of 2019, I started a new tradition wherein I draw thirteen affirmation cards — one for each month, and one for the year. I really like how this practice gives me something positive to focus on each month, as well as an overarching theme for my year. So naturally, this year, I continued the tradition.

Three months ago, I drew a new set of thirteen cards, and each month so far, I’ve let my affirmations set the tone for my month. Any ideas as to what my affirmation for March is this year? …

Alex C. Wilson

Always evolving. Writing stories and sharing knowledge gained from my own self studies. Yoga Teacher, spirituality enthusiast, and lifestyle coach.

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