Launching my first fashion line — what am I thinking?

How, why, and where I did it.


I didn’t go to school for this. So why am I designing a fashion line? The answer is simple:

Why not make cool clothes that I would want to wear?

It’s really that simple. And the longer I thought about it, the more opportunities I realized that it could offer me.

For one, it offers me a way to continue promotion of my music, even when I’m not singing, tweeting, typing, or thinking about it. If someone is wearing my apparel somewhere, I’m getting impressions. For an artist just starting out, every view, stream, or purchase is vital to the growth of my music. The algorithms that can bless your musical glow-up are the same ones that can cast you down if you don’t get the right amount of listens.

Secondly, it provides a source of income. Now, this isn’t just a shallow ploy for money — hear me out. If I can start lowering my cost-per-hour for what it takes to engage in my craft by making more money, I can dedicate more time to doing what I love and what my fans support! This enables more shows, better production value, better features, better apparel down the road, better marketing, better everything! And yet with my locally crafted products, we’re able to keep the price low, and certainly undercutting typical band apparel for the quality of clothing that’s provided.

Lastly, it opens up creative pathways and connections I had never considered before. As I sat for weeks pondering different slogans, imaging, and cuts of clothes, I had endless song snippets run through my head. I’ve never attempted something like this before, and I’m very pleased with both the physical item’s final outcome, and the creative breakthroughs I’ve had in the process.

Most of all, I really just want to make stuff people would want to wear.
Fingers crossed!

— A

Countless new items available now at

Explore new apparel at

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alky is the alter-ego of Arizona native Jay Noe. alky raps, produces, and sings. alky is currently releasing singles towards his debut album.

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