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R&D and collaborations from SVA, Eyebeam and Parsons

Amy Chen
Amy Chen
May 13, 2016 · 3 min read

Recently, I had the honor of moderating a panel at the first-ever Creative Tech Week in New York City. Featuring leading artists and educators from the School of Visual Arts, Eyebeam, and Parsons School of Design, the panel focused on sharing what’s in R&D and what’s trending in digital media, interaction design, and multi-disciplinary collaborations in their communities.

On Thursday May 6, 2016, we gathered at Creative Tech Week’s Industry Hub venue in midtown Manhattan for our session.

Meet the panelists:

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Hsiang-Chin Moe

Based in Manhattan, Hsiang-Chin serves on the leadership team of SVA’s MFA Computer Art department, which is celebrating 30 years as a pioneering program in the motion graphics, animation, and fine art. With a foundation in art history and computer programming, the students in her program often approach their projects with an eye towards amplifying their stories with digital art. Key themes and interests in the program include: 3D animation, motion graphics, experimental video, interactive installations digital fine art, and virtual reality.

Fun fact: Hsiang-Chin is a class of 2008 graduate from SVA’s MFA Computer Art program.

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Erica Kermani

Based in Sunset Park in Brooklyn, Erica produces and manages public programs for Eyebeam’s community of professional artists and engineers. As a nonprofit studio for collaborative experiments with technology toward a more imaginative and just world, Eyebeam provides generous support for R&D, production and education for its residents. Entrepreneurship is not a priority of the Eyebeam community, but it is embraced. Erica described startups, such as littleBits and Adafruit, with roots from Eyebeam. Products from both of those highlight DIY, modular and open source arts and electronics capabilities.

Fun fact: Erica shared that Eyebeam regularly holds “stop work” sessions which are dedicated for Eyebeam residents to share their works in progress with invited guests from industry.

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Katherine Moriwaki

Based in Manhattan, Katherine is focused on research and teaching at “D12,” the name of the main home of Parsons’ MFA Design + Technology program. Katherine shared how her program often collaborates with nonprofits and corporates for semester-long design and prototyping projects. Collaboration partners past and present include: Intel for wearable technology, the Metropolitan Museum of Art for accessibility service design, and Red Bull for branding. She is open to new conversations for collaborations with the MFADT program.

Fun fact: Katherine just co-authored Fashion and Technology: A Guide to Materials and Applications, an instructional book including case studies and interviews for the intersection of design, computing, apparel and accessories.

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