Who Am I?

Come January, I will have been in the payment processing industry for five years. Before I decided that payments seemed like a really cool and scaleable space to be in, I worked at several tech startups in design, business development, marketing, and customer experience. I have always been interested in how a someone uses something and how to make that something better inside and out.

At a very early age [think Speak & Spell] I loved to tinker with technology. Would basically make my mom scream when she would walk in my bedroom and there would be wires of all colors, broken breadboards, capacitors, and diodes all over the place. Not to mention the stench in the air of burning zeners and possibly carpet. My dad always worried if I discharged the capacitor properly. To this day I enjoy ripping into a chunk of hardware and trying to see if I can bring it back to life. Often more times than not, I can revive an electronic device or toy. However, it is harder with each new tinker task as things become smaller and ultimately disposable.

I love to learn. I love to problem solve. I really love to look at everything from the users perspective and figure out how to make it better. Those five years in payments I mentioned earlier? customer support; six months technical support; 4 months, developer integrations; 6 months. UX developer in residence; 6 months. Today, a software engineer (really the UX guy in sheep’s clothing) — it has been an awesome five years and I can’t wait to see where the next five years take me. Learning front-end frameworks, Unit and Acceptance Testing, MVC, Angular, Bootstrap, and on and on… all while getting to interact with customers. It has ALL been a blast!

I have worked on proof of concepts gone patent, internal legacy enterprise applications, mobile UX of our customer facing gift card management application; and then some. I have failed at just as much as I have accomplished and am proud of what has been learned from it.

Payments can seem deceivingly slow, but maybe because payments are actually moving closer to the speed of light.

Throughout my journey in the payments universe, I have met and made many friends that are absolutes in the industry and always a phone call, text, or shout away when I have questions. I truly work with some of the best talent in the payments industry.

Throughout these stories, I will provide insights into what makes me tick.

Hope you enjoy and if you have any questions or want to reach out to me, please do.

Warmest Regards,