Test 1 seems out of reach for Kohli & Co.

Hype is a bitch. After all the drumrolls, an exciting series started which India was supposed to own the edge and the advantage but which has disappeared in just six sessions in thin air. The first day was evenly matched, although playing host to Starc’s gutsy half century may suggest otherwise, but India did well if not enough on the day one. I hoped India would comeback and score more than Aussie did; which by the way didn’t happen.

Day two added insult to injury or should I say Aussies rubbed some Tata Salt in the Indian wounds, either way it was not pleasant to say the least. India were bundled out on 104 out of which 64 were scored by KL Rahul. Rather than becoming the man of the moment KL Rahul played a horrific lofted shot and every other Indian batter murmured “We are done”. India lost 6 wickets for a dozen runs. O Keefe was the master of Pune and he picked half dozen wickets in the second session. But that was not the only disappointment, along with all this India dropped Steven Smith three times. This is the main batting star of Australian team who has proved to be ultra lethal against India. Yet, we dropped him three times. It’s impossible for India to draw this test,the only way is to loose it or go and win it. If India go for drawing this test it will end in worst defeat.

Three days to loose it or try to win it.

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