Thumped, Bangladeshi Toyger

Beautiful Toyger

One odd test against the best of the best was too big a challenge for Bangladeshi toyger. They played wonderful cricket; no question about that, but here and there they lacked the killing instinct of tiger. Couple of examples would be : Shakib trying to outwit Ashwin when he was batting at 83; instead he was completely outfoxed. It was not a poor shot it was a terrible shot of the match. Similarly, Mushfiqar Rahim trying to hit Ashwin in second innings. I mean that is the last bowler a competitive team will pick, to take on. It was as if they have not learnt the lesson of glamour and bemoaning a crowd in awe is not as important as winning a test or drawing a test. They should have learnt that lesson last year T20 World Cup encounter against India.

But then this is why I call them toygers than tigers. If they can learn from their mistakes they will become tigers, no questions about that. We have seen glimpse of what they can do, but they have to learn to keep their composure and be clear about what they want to achieve. I think their batting has to improve in terms of cohesion as they more or less play weird shots at wrong time; when it comes to winning a test match you have to realize that you can win it session by session.

Lets talk about Indian batting. Murli Vijay, Saha centurions and Pujara and Rahane throwing it away in eighties. But King Kohli marches on with yet another double hundred. For Kohli it was like brushed & flossed his teeth, took a shower, oats in the breakfast, scored a double hundred and had soup for the dinner. This is how often he is doing that, he is an double hundred scoring alien. Who scores four double hundred in a season and I know Steven Smith must be praying not to credit them with helping Kohli score the fifth.

India’s own Bhuvneshvar Kumar looked more than ordinary. He needs Endura mass which will change his life after he will increase his weight beyond 57 KGs. Mehndi Hasan was scoring against him as if Injmam Ul Haq spirit has entered in to Mehndi Hasan. Ishant and Umesh were lethal at times and quite ordinary at others time. Jadeja and Ashwin were trying to execute some maneuvers which Jumbo asked them to execute.

All in all Bangladesh did their best, but their best was not good enough to help them save a test.