Jump To Feel The Chill With Jumpin Heights

For a sport aficionado, encountering the extreme sports is a passion. They travel different countries and states to savor the electrifying experiences. Once in a lifetime, person must encounter an adventure or sports to galvanize their every nerve. Jumpin heights is introducing you with such adrenaline soaring sports in India and that too in very affordable price.

Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh

Bungee jumping in India was first commenced by Ex. Captain Rahul Nigam to offer the sport enthusiasts to experience the savor of extremely adventurous sports in India only, they do not have to travel to another country to encounter the same. The objective of jumpin heights is to offer the enthusiasts, a safe and secured jumping off the cliff without any anguish, as the safety of a person is the major concern in such sports. Jumpin Heights have an experienced technical team from New Zealand, professionally skilled in designing and evaluating all the safety tools such as bungee jumping cord. A spine chilling yet full of amusement sport packages include extremely adventurous trios of bungee jumping, flying fox and giant swing.

Rishikesh is considered to be a city of tranquility and the lush green valleys making it more eye soothing. Since the Jumpin Heights has set up the platform of adventurous sports, Rishikesh has become a place also for the sport enthusiasts. It is being known as one of the most mesmerizing bungee jumping places offering you India’s first highest bungee jumping from a platform 83 meters above from the waterlevel. Performing this extreme sports require moxie, from the moment you decide to take the challenge, you’ve completed your half task. While moving ahead towards the edge of platform, you might feel your heart is clobbering faster, blood is rushing through your cheeks, your whole body is getting cold but there is a spark inside you provoking you to take the step ahead and to live your life all again.

Flying Fox

Once you jump off the cliff and hang up just a few meters above of the pristine river Ganges, you’ll be pulled out of your harness. Walking 15–20 minutes in the hilly terrain to the cafeteria might be very tiresome but carrying your never give-up gist will definitely take you to your destination. Certificate of ‘Dare to jump’ will be given to you at the cafeteria for completing your tandem bungee jumping.

Bungy India has become a very esteemed sports and with the highly qualified team of Jumpin Heights has made it possible to encounter these extremely adventurous sports without any anxiety. To make your Bungee jumping prices more affordable, Jumpin Heights has blended it with other two sports and you can choose any two or the entire package which contains all the three sports as per your convenience.