Paul at his alma mater Aurora University (Posted by ahentnow, Community Contributor)

Chicago Tribune

20 year old Paul Hill is a HERO! Paul walked in from lunch on Monday on his job at Sykuda Elementary School in Country Club Hills, Illinois when he walked in what he found was his coworker laying on the floor unconscious he checked for her pulse but found none. So he began to administer Cpr Paul has never been trained in Cpr he said he learned what to do by watching TV shows such as cops he dialed 911 he stayed with her until the ambulance came. She is now in the hospital at St James Hospital in Olympia Fields, Illinois. The paramedics informed Paul that if he had not administered the Cpr she would have died from not receiving the oxygen. This story needs to be told that a young black man saved someone’s life. He is not asking for any recognition but it is needed. This is rarity among this generation.

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