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Joe — Here is the author admitting there is no evidence. He wants investigation because he could speculate all he wants (of course — free speech without any cost :)). The most important question is there are 8 other departments that signed/approved the treaty. If you believe that all those millions from canadian uranium investor was distributed to every department, then you have to believe that america is a banana republic.

if the author of clinton-cash or its supporter donald really wants investigation, why cant they pay some of their well-earned-cash to a lawyer/investigation and submit a case against clinton/her-staff. they should be putting their MONEY where their MOUTH is.

I need more time to dig into Haiti and other DNC stuff you are referring to. will get back.

Btw..i thought you are just against MSM. It seems like you are against politico and small internet news sites as well. Which news media do you trust? (i will try to gather evidence/arguments from those sites)

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