Motivation — The Benefits of Spending Time with Your Team

Benefit 1 — You get to understand them better

Almost everyone wants to know that their manager is 
genuinely and positively interested in them. They may not 
always give that impression by their demeanour but trust me 
- they want to know you care; they want acceptance from you.

If they know you care about them, then your relationship 
will be much more productive.

Benefit 2 — You find out how they’re handling the job

As well as getting to know your team from a human or 
personal basis you need to get to know them on a business 
basis. How are they getting along with the job? And it’s not 
a matter of asking — “How’s the job going?” If you ask that 
then you may get a list of complaints or you may just get — 
“It’s all going fine.”

Benefit 3 — It helps you deal with problems

One of the main benefits of spending time with your team is 
that it lets them know you’re there to help with problems. 
Of course, you’re not there necessarily to solve their 
problems but to coach them to solve their problems.

Benefit 4 — They get to know you

Your team will want to know about you at both a personal and 
business level. Again, that doesn’t mean sharing your 
intimate thoughts but it’s similar to the things you want to 
know about them.

Even although team members don’t ask you about yourself — 
tell them. Reveal bits and pieces about yourself over a 
period of time.

What you’re really saying is — “I’m human, I’m like you and 
I experience the same situations.”

Benefit 5 — You have the opportunity to give them feedback 
and coach them

This is one of the most important things the successful 
manager can do. This is your opportunity to tell them the 
things that you do like about their performance and also the 
things you don’t like. Too often managers leave feedback 
until a performance review and often these are only once or 
twice a year.

Benefit 6 — They have the opportunity to give you feedback

Now this may make you feel a bit nervous and it certainly 
can be scary when you’re not used to it but it is very 
motivational. If you create a healthy open environment in 
your team then they should feel comfortable giving feedback 
to you. It may not always be what you want to hear but it 
can certainly improve your relationship with them.

Benefit 7 — It encourages opinions and ideas to flow from 

It’s often the case that members of your team have positive 
suggestions that will benefit the team, the business and 
you. However, they may not always be willing to seek you out 
and tell you about them. Perhaps they may feel foolish or 
embarrassed in front of their colleagues.

If you’re spending time with them — then this is the ideal 
opportunity for them to give you their thoughts. Of course, 
you sometimes have to dig this out and encourage it.

Benefit 8 — It allows you to explain the company’s mission 
and the team’s role in this.

When you spend time with each individual it gives you the 
opportunity to explain how the business is going and how the 
team is performing. This is often done at a team brief and 
that’s okay. However in a one to one situation you can 
discuss in more depth and encourage ideas and feedback from 
them as described above.