In this Case Study, I’ll be sharing my detailed process and the reasoning behind the design decisions that I took & also how I developed it. A Fan Website in remembrance of the Legend Kobe Bryant.

By the way, this was a team side-project. I worked completely on the Design & Development side (a part of the development was shared as well). My other team members, Suhas Motwani and Divyanshu Dagar worked on content, copy, and distribution. It was really a great experience to collaborate with these Product Managers who also are great fans of Kobe.

On January 26th, 2020, Kobe Bryant lost his life in a helicopter crash along with his daughter, Gianna Bryant, and 7 others. The helicopter was en route to Mamba Sports Academy for Gianna’s Basketball Game. This was a very tragic…

Have you ever heard the phrase “Create more than you consume”? Well, what does it actually mean?

It means that humans are consuming machines. We consume information in the form of text, audio & video every single day. We consume so much content that most of the time we forget half of the stuff that we consumed. But you may ask me what’s the problem in it?

Let me change your perspective a bit to understand what’s the problem in here. Imagine the whole world is just consuming things as you do. If all are consuming, how are they getting…

Let me put some pieces of text in front of you. I’ll let you guess what it is.

Just do it

Think differently

A lot can happen over a coffee

It’s finger lickin’ good

Open happiness

I’m lovin’ it

Impossible is nothing

The best a man can get

Because you’re worth it

Are you seeing a pattern over here? I guess you’ve found out what those pieces of text are. You’re right. They are the tag lines of famous companies like Nike, Apple, Cafe Coffee Day, KFC, Coco-Cola, McDonald’s, Adidas, Gillette, and L’Oreal.

Why am I telling you these when…

I really wanted to see how far I could push myself creatively. So I redesigned Bounce App.

Final Mockup of the Redesign

In recent days, commuting has become a lot easier and a lot cheaper. Thanks to all the services and the apps out there which help to commute faster, save time, and also at a low expense. I was using the Bounce app which basically helps us to book scooters, pick them up, ride them & drop anywhere, and was facing many problems. In fact, it’s such a crazy idea that it has broken so many records and has been growing a lot since then.

Well, they have changed many things, but still, a lot of things need to be addressed…

Roger Bannister ran the first sub-4-minute mile at the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki.

The doctors tested the body and said to him that he cannot do it. It is impossible for anyone to do it. And if he did it even despite the doctor’s suggestions, it’s his risk for life. This is the story about Roger Bannister, an athlete who broke the world record of running a mile in under 4 minutes.

It’s way back in the 1950s and not much was great at that point of time. In fact, if you think of it, the internet didn’t even exist at that point in time. And to the best of everyone’s knowledge, no…

The score is 3–0. It’s a high-pressure football match and the ground is filled with local crowd cheering, chanting and hauling for their favorite teams. 20 minutes left for the final whistle to blow and there lies a young boy in the crowd whose favorite team is trailing behind 3 goals against their fierce rivals. A man entries into the stadium to watch this amazing game going between the local football favorites. …

I had this curiosity back in my mind for a long time. The curiosity about why people hate their jobs, why people say ‘Office life sucks’ and why people wait for Friday evenings and live for weekends. Why this is important is that all time along, from childhood where we happen to start learning alphabets to until we get a job, we strive so hard. All the hard work we do is to get a high salary job that supports our families. And when we do get a job, at the end of the day we end up hating it.

Instagram, as all of you know it as a social media app which is nowadays turning into the most viewed and time spent app next to Facebook, is not only a place for hanging out, posting your crazy pictures, and spending all your free time on it, watching unwanted posts and videos and liking it. It is also one among the platforms which is very useful for business and entrepreneurship and I was one among million others who wanted start a business out of it.

But I earned only 1k followers which is not at all a big page for…

Ashwin K S

Full-Stack Designer | Teaching Design @Full-Stack Designer Club | Previously Program Manager/Community Manager @Speckbit

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