7 Toxic Thoughts That Are Sabotaging Your Success
Lolly Daskal

If there is no enemy within, enemies outside can`t do any harm.
I have been in situations where literally i thought that i am totally not worth of attaining success whether in personal life or in professional life, there was a time when was looking for myself and was constantly torned in the feelings to feel awesome and pessimist at the same time.
The impact of social media was vast on me and had a deep impact on my thinking about myself, i was in the thought that my extroverted friends are the people who are going to succeed in the life and someone quiet and reserve like me won`t ever.
Then i started reading everything and pulled myself off from most of the social media platforms, that was the Eureka moment for me till date.
I realized that i must be involve in my life fully rather than peeping into other people`s lives. This gave me a sense of of fulfillment and now with the grace of god i am moving pleasantly in my life.
It started when i was comparing my happy life with that of the people who were faking there life on social media, they were just creating a profile where all they were looking was as cool as possible. But in reality they weren`t.

Being escaped from that social media confinement is really making me more productive and enthusiastic.