Letter to a Friend, Anopheles Mosquito

6 Stagnant Water,
Off Swampy Road,
West Africa.

Dear Anopheles Mosquito,

We never knew how good you were until we heard about your brothers across the ocean. We admit, for years we’ve been unfair to you. Forgive us, Ano. Let go of the slaps, the complaints, the curse and every other ill treatment we’ve ever meted to you. Please let it go.

We know we’ve not been good friends to you, and as such, you might be tempted to flirt with Aedes. Don’t, he is from a bad family, they are known to bite and infect people with Zika. You are not like that, you don’t bite, all you’ve ever done to us is kiss our skins with your precious proboscis, and at worse, leave us with feverish feelings that can be cured with a tablet, or two.

We love you.


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