FLM 110 Topic 2
SAE Film and Media


Regarding Edward Scissorhands, the colours used in the two different environments not only represent the emotions felt in those environments but also the kind of life people lead. In Edward’s home he is lonely and sad, the dark colour shows this subtextually. As for the neighbourhood that the makeup lady takes him to it’s clearly far more cheerful. Not only are all the people around them wearing colourful clothing they also seem to be fairly happy themselves. This is reflected in Edward’s reaction to seeing this new place, he’s happy and excited, much like a puppy at the beach for the first time. The colour change represents a change in emotion for Edward, from sadness and loneliness to happiness and friendship.

As for the second clip from City of God all of the different film forms are used. Specifically, the editing techniques used include slow motion, fast paced and parallel editing. This helps the viewer to understand what’s happenning and where. It also tells the viewer that Rocket and the group of boys chasing the chicken will meet at some point, as they inevitably do. The music also tends to keep pace with the editing. When there are more cuts the music is faster and when there are fewer cuts the music slows down to match. When there is a slow motion pan shot the music makes a sort of swooshing noise to make it feel more realistic

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