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Celebrating wins — big or small — will help you stay motivated

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Whenever I write about Medium, people assume that I’m one of the ‘successful’ ones. Well, I am successful on my own terms. While I’ve yet to hit 4 figures on the platform, I have seen a steady increase in my earnings over the last few months.

February would mark 3 months in a row since I came back into the group of 6% of writers that makes at least $100 a month and the first time since February 2020 that I was able to hit more than $200 in a month.

So, I consider that a win and a success…

A lot of it is down to what has already been stated in Medium’s Curation guidelines

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Ever since Medium announced that they were changing the way curation works on the platform, many writers (myself included) saw a decline in their articles being curated. I personally saw a dip of about 20% in my own curation success.

And that trend continued for quite a while — until recently.

For the month of January, I posted 23 articles and 5 of them were curated giving me a 22% success rate. But in February, I saw that number increase to 80% when 12 out of 15 articles I published were curated and distributed.

It’s a huge jump but one…

We have to stop normalising having children as a potential gold mine

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*Everything expressed in this article is the author’s own personal view.

There’s been a topic that has been rather hotly discussed lately where I’m from. It’s actually something that people have been talking about for a very long time but over the last couple of weeks, it’s become a hotly debated topic and it’s something that I just want to give my views on.

The topic in question is children and how they are responsible for their parents later on in life.

In short, children are seen as the parents’ retirement plan for when they are old. Children are seen…

The answer you find will help you to write what you need to write

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Have you ever had days where you just sat in front of your laptop and stared at the screen because you just didn’t know what to write about? I’ve had my fair share of that. In fact, I’ve been having that over the last couple of weeks, which probably explains why I haven’t been publishing as regularly as I usually do.

As much as I would love to just publish anything and everything that I write (I still do write daily), I know that not everything I write is worthy of being published or put in front of my readers.

You can either make it work for you or against you

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When I was playing football (or soccer for my American readers) semi-professionally back in school, the thing I hated the most during the training sessions was when my coach made us all run four laps around the running track. I found it boring, time-wasting and energy-consuming.

I always tried to skip the track running and get straight to the other drills — the shooting, passing, running through tactical plays, etc. because that’s where I’m with the football 100% of the time.

The running around the track? Nothing to do with football.

Or so I thought.

While I thought the running…

And a big thank you from the bottom of my heart

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Throughout my time as a writer on Medium, I’ve received nothing but support and love from so many people — my readers. Some are purely readers on the platform while the others are also fellow writers like me.

And honestly, the reason why I’ve been able to consistently write, publish and achieved what I’ve achieved so far on the platform is because of my readers.

Just like anything in life, we’re dependent on others.

Just like a business, there is supply and demand and the reason why I’ve been able to supply my writing all this time is because of…

Sometimes, rules are just meant to be broken

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So, Medium has always maintained that articles about Medium will never be curated and for the longest time, that has always been the case. I’ve written plenty of Medium-related articles over the last year and a half and NONE of them was ever curated — until now.

Let me take your attention to the article below.

I published this article exactly a week ago on the 10th of February 2021. It is a Medium-related article. In the article, I write about avoiding one mistake that a lot of writers seem to make when it comes to submitting to publications.


When your oldies are also goodies

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Recently, I wrote about celebrating success — be it big or small — and since then, I’ve decided that no matter how I do on Medium, no matter how much money I make on Medium, I will consider it a success.

If I make $0.01 for the month? That’s a success.

If I make $1,000 a month? That’s a success.

At the end of the day, any amount of money I make on the platform is considered a success for me. …

I could be doing something else right now but here I am, writing to you

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The last couple of weeks have been really busy for me. Work has been crazy due to a colleague resigning and new projects coming up. With it now being only three people in my team (well, two if you don’t count my supervisor), the workload has really reached a point where anymore and it will be unbearable.

Working from home doesn’t really help either because it gets hard to draw the line between work and home, especially when you’re chasing deadline after deadline.

If I’m to be honest, I’m quite surprised at the number of articles I’ve been able to…

The honest truth of why you may find social media toxic

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Over the years, I’ve had an up and down relationship with social media. It started off really well, then it went downhill for quite a bit, got better again after a while, dived again, and now, it’s been pretty stagnant with signs that it could very well start improving again.

Ever since I signed up for my very first social media profile on Friendster back in 2003, I’ve been on numerous other social media platforms and have experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of all of them.

And over the last couple of years, it’s been bad…

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