Does love really exist ? Here is Van Gogh’s !

I am the kind of person that does not trust in love n love stories … My friends are always like “What do u have against love?”, “Don’t hide your game like dat!” and I am just like “NO !”

So … Even if I found that love stories suck, there are (or there is huh) some (a) love story that touched me : THE VAN GOGH’S ONE !

I am a big big fan of art and vintage, so I am an unconditional one of Van Gogh!

The man who cuted his ear to offer it to his lover. Yeah, you can see this like a kind of craziness and madness, he was already suspected of mental troubles, rare are men who will make their ear a gift to their baes …

So, me, as a love stories hater, I should see this like a gesture of extreme debility! BUT NAH ! Why? Because, on the contrary, I see that like a very kind, sensitive and tender way to show our love (Even if we can not help ourselves, and do not get there), but it shows that a HUMAN CAN REALLY LOVE OF THE MOST DEEP OF HIS HEART.

Tender and creative, madly in love and artist, these are the words that can define our great Van Gogh.
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