I know a child pornographer.

Like me, you have probably seen the recent headlines that have exposed numerous pastors, leaders, and people you may not have suspected were involved in child pornography, as being perpetrators and sadly enslaved to the perversion. Some of them I knew personally and was as surprised (and saddened) as the general public at their arrests.

Those hurt by such perversions and pursuits are not just the child victims and their families, but the families, the followers, and the friends of those caught in the bondage of child porn.

Here is the fact of the matter…

I think we have lied to those who identify as homosexual, or same-sex attracted individuals.

Brothers and sisters in the body of Christ, I think due to our ignorance — or arrogance — we have misled the masses of those who have come asking questions about freedom from the struggles of same-sex attraction. Whether in a sermon, over coffee, on a phone call, or texting our perspectives about what God desires for those who identify as homosexuals or same-sex attracted individuals, there has been an erroneous double standard. …

Broken Free

Broken Free exists to see people set free from sexual captivity and confusion, and to realize that Christ set us free for freedom — not just less struggle.

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